If you have your home on the market, it’s natural to want to create the perfect
environment for potential homebuyers. This includes not only professional
staging services but also time-honored tips like freshly baked treats and seasonal
décor. As we transition from summer to the holiday season, however, it’s
interesting to note that fall decorating is the least appreciated by home visitors.

The cinnamon scents and pumpkin-everything that greets the senses in stores and
coffee shops can be overwhelming in a home environment. You may enjoy a nice
cookie-dough candle, but many people don’t agree. A tasteful, welcoming fall
wreath on the front door is fine, but in general, fall is a time best ignored by home

The holiday season can bring family challenges as well. When your house is on the
market, this is not the time to continue the tradition of the neighborhood
Haunted House with cobwebs hanging from every gutter.

Far better to place a strategic jack-o-lantern or tasteful pumpkin pile. Talk about these kinds of
changes in advance with younger children who may not understand the need to
keep the house fully accessible and de-personalized.

Having your home listed for sale is a special time and requires some sacrifice. The
holiday season can bring more emotional challenges as well. A sense of nostalgia
is only accentuated by the lack of family traditional décor.

Consider carefully what to include and exclude. Scale back the unnecessary decorating extras and
concentrate on the special few items. In this way, you can still celebrate your
family traditions while appealing to homebuyers looking for their own place to
call home.