During the past couple of months, families have been asked to stay at home. It can be
challenging to keep everyone entertained when we aren’t able to go out of the house except to
work in essential jobs, enjoy fresh air, and get groceries. Luckily, there are plenty of fun
activities that the entire family can do together at home. Here are a few to inspire your own
family to make lasting memories while spending quality time together at home.

1. Movie Night—This is a simple activity that everyone will enjoy. Every time you have a
movie night, let a different family member pick their favorite. That way, everyone will
have a turn choosing something to watch in the coming weeks. Better yet, consider a
movie marathon over the weekend and allow each family member to choose one leg of
the marathon. Don’t forget to bring popcorn and treats. In fact, make it part of the activity
and make a delicious treat as a family to share during the movie.

2. Homemade Pizza—Many families have a tradition of ordering pizza once a week (or
when no one feels like cooking). Do things a little different while you’re all at home
together and learn to make pizza at home. Choose one type that everyone enjoys, or let
everyone make a personal-sized pizza and add whatever toppings they’d like. Learning
to make pizza at home is also an excellent opportunity to teach your kids a new skill.

3. Backyard Camping—Just because you can’t go out on vacation doesn’t mean you can’t
have a family outing in nature. Involve the whole family in setting up the tents and
sleeping bags in your yard. Have a campfire, sing songs, tell stories, and roast
marshmallows. Before bed, take some time to admire the stars. The best part is that
everyone can get ready for bed in the house, and it’ll be easy to make a delicious
breakfast when everyone wakes up in the morning.

4. Dance Party—Make a playlist of your family members’ favorite songs. Gather together
in one room and dance to your new playlist. It’ll be a great way to laugh together and let
go of any stress you may be feeling at the moment. It’s also a great way to get moving
and get some exercise!

5. Art Night—Bring out the crayons, pencils, watercolors, and paper. Come up with a
theme, such as summertime, animal friends, or family portraits. It’ll be fun to see what
everyone comes up with while allowing them to get creative.

During an uncertain time, it can be challenging to know how to keep your entire family
entertained. However, it’s the perfect opportunity to make memories and do things that you
don’t always have time to do together. Cherish these fleeting moments with your loved ones.